Authorities In Rome Police said on Monday that they have arrested 14 migrants from nine countries for their involvement in a disturbance at a repatriation center after the death of a migrant from the African country of Guinea.

After the body was found on Sunday morning, migrants at the center began setting fire to mattresses and throwing objects at law enforcement officials. Used by immigrants. Phone booth to knock over two partitions. One group approached the parked police vehicles and set one on fire, while the other entered a room where law enforcement officials kept personal items, which they destroyed. Police said that the accused also destroyed eight video cameras.

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Authorities used tear gas to quell the unrest, which continued into the evening. Three officials were injured.

Fox Italia Graphic

Police in Rome arrested 14 migrants who were allegedly involved in a riot at a repatriation center.

Police said that the suspects are from Morocco, Pakistan, Guinea, Cuba, Chile, Senegal, Tunisia, Nigeria and Gambia.

one Italian legislator A visitor to the center on Sunday said the 21-year-old Guinean migrant hanged himself after expressing frustration at not being able to go home to join his family.

“These centers are black holes for rights and humanity,” lawmaker Ricardo Maggi told La Repubblica television, calling for their closure.

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