Michelle O’Neill, the recently elected First Minister. of Northern Irelandsaid on Thursday that the terrorist organization Hamas would finally be considered a “future partner for peace” in the Middle East.

In an interview with Andrew Marr on British broadcaster LBC Tonight, O’Neill emphasized the importance of communication, comparing the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas to the ongoing peace talks in Northern Ireland.

In the interview, Mar asked him what? Terrorist organization Hamas “Finally” will be understood as “a companion of peace”.

“A long time ago, the (Irish Republican Army) IRA was seen as a terrorist organisation. The British government and everybody else couldn’t talk to them,” Marr said. “Do you think that Hamas, although viewed by many around the world as a terrorist organization, will eventually have to become a partner for peace?”

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Michelle O'Neill, First Minister of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland First Minister Michelle O’Neill (L) is interviewed after a press conference at the Foreign Press Association on February 8, 2024 in London, England. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

“Yes,” O’Neill said, “I think you only have to look at our own example to see how important dialogue is and that’s the only way you’re going to end conflict.”

“If Republicans don’t speak up. British Govt “Had the British government not spoken to the republicans, in Ireland in the past we would not be in the situation we are in today, enjoying a peaceful and far more equal society,” Northern Ireland’s first nationalist The First Minister continued.

Gaza's child soldiers

The IDF claims to have found documents, video footage and photographs of Palestinian children who were used as trained fighters by Hamas Islamic Jihad. (IDF Interpreter Unit)

He also called for an immediate ceasefire and application. of international law In Gaza

“And I really just hope that in the coming days and weeks we can get to a point where we see a ceasefire for the first time, that we have a dialogue, and that we have a final decision to recognize a Palestinian state. reach the point and a two-state solution that the international community stands for,” O’Neill said.

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O’Neill argued that Israel was bombing the Palestinian people and not defending itself against Hamas terrorists.

“One can escalate Israel’s defensive posture because it is, day after day, a massacre of the Palestinian people,” O’Neill continued.

First Minister Michelle O'Neill

First Minister Michelle O’Neill during a press conference at Stormont Castle, Belfast following the restoration of the Power Sharing Executive. (Oliver McVeigh/PA Images via Getty Images)

“It needs to stop, and we need the international community to stand strong and stand firm in the international court of law. That’s where everyone should be,” he said.

“And I really just hope that in the coming days and weeks we can get to the point where we See Armistice In the first instance, that we have dialogue, and that we have reached the final point of recognition of the Palestinian state and the two-state solution that the international community stands for.’

Hostage family members

Thomas Hand, foreground, and Michael Levy look at posters of Israelis held hostage by Hamas on a fence on East 55th Street in New York City. Hand’s daughter, Emily, 8, and Levi’s brother, Orr, are among the 240 Israelis captured in Gaza. (Sydney Borchers/Fox News Digital)

O’Neill also denounced the unprecedented. October 7 Attack on Israel, saying they violated international law by taking hostages.

“From day one, we’ve been saying that what happened on October 7 was wrong, and it doesn’t apply in any way shape or form to international law, the hostages were wrong,” he said.

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