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Why Mideast neighbors won't offer refuge to Palestinians stuck in Gaza war zone

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King Charles praises Ukraine's 'determination', condemns Russia's 'inexplicable aggression' in 2-year war

King Charles praised Ukraine's "determination and strength" in the face of Russia's "unprecedented aggression" on Saturday. Two years from the country was attacked.

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Putin's 'greatest achievements': Russian opponents continue to disappear in strange death patterns

Opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin have been disappearing in a pattern of strange and sudden deaths,

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Biden's vision for Palestinian state doomed, experts say: 'Clear recognition of Hamas'

Jerusalem - Reports The Biden administration And a small group of Middle Eastern states will soon begin pushing a new

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Ukraine withdraws major troops in major victory for Putin and Russia

Ukrainian troops have withdrawn from the key battleground town of Avdiivka in the country's east, paving the way for a war

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Hong Kong Customs arrested 7 people in India-linked $1.8 billion money laundering case.

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Alexei Navalny seen smiling, laughing in courtroom video the day before his death: VIDEO

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The court invalidated the delay in Senegal's presidential election.

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Cambodia to import tigers from India as part of population recovery plan

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Imprisoned former Pakistani Prime Minister Khan appealed against 3 recent convictions.

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Zimbabwe's VP says government will block LGBTQ scholarship initiative

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Former FBI official sentenced to 2 years in prison for hiding money from Albanian businessman.

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3 dead, 2 missing in construction accident in Italy

An accident at a supermarket construction site The Italian city of Florence At least

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Indonesians presidential election has emerged as a key battleground in the US-China rivalry.

Indonesians are voting for a new president in a crucial election, with implications for the rivalry between the US and China.

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The Central African Republic reports that 10,000 children are still fighting with militant groups.

About 10,000 children are still fighting alongside armed groups. Central African Democracy More than a decade after the civil war began, the government said on Monday.

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Opposition to El Salvador's populist leader may ask Congress to annul election results.

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King Abdullah of Jordan, in a meeting with Biden, highlighted the dilemma of America's ally in the war between Israel and Hamas.

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Yemen’s Houthi’s fired 2 missiles at a cargo ship whose final destination is an Iranian port

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A top commander involved in a drone attack in Baghdad that killed 3 US soldiers was killed.

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Ecuador will criminalize euthanasia following a landmark legal ruling on terminally ill patients

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South Korean president has reiterated his commitment to a non-nuclear strategy as the country faces threats.

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Religious freedom groups want to mobilize youth activists to fight against ‘horrendous’ global injustices.

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Angry homeowner protests poor kitchen renovation with Cold War-era weapon Give me back

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What are the groups supported by Iran in the Middle East?

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'A new level of courage': Top Jewish group in Switzerland slams alleged anti-Semitic ski store poster

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Finland's center-right candidate, Alexander Stubb, declared a presidential victory with nearly 52 percent of the vote.

Finland's head to the polls. To cast his vote for president on Sunday, and after a close race, former prime minister Alexander Stubb

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A US soldier was killed in a non-combat incident in Kuwait.

Oh US soldier Killed in a non-combat incident at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, according to a press release issued by the US military.

Israel Strikes 2

An Israeli offensive in Rafah killed 31 Palestinians ahead of a planned ground attack.

At least 31 Palestinians, including 10 children, were killed in Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah on Saturday morning. President Benjamin Netanyahu

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Officials say that Israeli forces rescued two hostages during the operation in Rafah.

Israeli forces Authorities announced Monday morning that two Israelis held hostage in the Gaza city of Rafah had been successfully rescued.

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Egypt has threatened to cancel a historic peace deal with Israel over the deployment of troops in Gaza.

Egypt has threatened to cancel a decades-old peace agreement with Israel if Israel launches a large-scale attack on Rafah.

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Vikings GM dispels Justin Jefferson trade rumors: ‘Not something that’s ever crossed my mind

The franchise likely wants to find a way. Bring back quarterback Kirk Cousins.and reach an agreement on a long-term contract that will keep star wide receiver Justin Jefferson in Minnesota long-term.

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Ambetter Health 400: What to know about the NASCAR Cup Series' second race in 2024

NASCAR Cup Series On Sunday, the world will turn its attention to Georgia as the 2024 season moves from Daytona International Speedway to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Ambitious Health 400.

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Top WNBA prospect Paige Bueckers vows to return to UConn next season: 'This won't be my last senior night'

Paige Bueckers is one of the most recognizable women's athletes. College basketball. On Friday

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Shaq gives retirement advice to Jason Kelce: 'Don't be an idiot like me'

Jason Kelce Thinking about retirement again.gave Philadelphia Eagles It looks like the center is close to hanging up the cleats this time around.

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Days after Super Bowl heartbreak, the 49ers make coaching staff changes.

The San Francisco  have been one of the most successful teams in the NFL over the past three seasons with the head coach. Kyle Shanahan Calling the shots.

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Massive brawl, 5 players and 3 fans out at women's college basketball game

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Pac-12, George Klyavkov agrees to split months after conference collapse

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Mavericks buy player for 'yipping', out of shape: report

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The Division II women's basketball player set an NCAA record with an incredible 44 rebound game

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Legendary fighter Amanda Serrano says teaming up with Jack Paul 'was the best decision I've ever made in boxing'

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An ambulance arrives at the golf course after Tiger Woods withdrew from the Genesis Invitational.

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Travis Kelce donates $100,000 to family of girls shot at Super Bowl parade

The family of the two girls who were shot. Kansas City Chiefs' Wednesday's Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City,

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Jordan Spieth disqualified from Genesis Invitational after signing incorrect scorecard

Jordan Spieth Rivera will not play this weekend, but not because he missed the cut.

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What's next for the 49ers after losing Super Bowl LVIII?

gave San Francisco 49ers They were up 10 points early against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, but couldn't get it going in the end.

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Super Bowl LVIII The best ads from the epic Chiefs-49ers matchup

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Former NFL star JJ Watt faces the harsh truth about changing hairstyles after mocking Super Bowl LVIII.

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NFL Great kurt Warner Explains The importance of-the-united football.

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Drake Says Fans Will Be 'Super Happy' After Chiefs Win $2.3 Million From Super Bowl Win

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The Steelers cut Mitch Trubisky as the quarterback room thins in the offseason.

Andy Reid

Chiefs finalize contract extension pay raise for Andy Reid after Super Bowl report

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Chiefs' Andy Reid eases Travis Kelce's stress: 'He's a passionate player'

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Taylor Swift chugged her drink during Super Bowl LVIII, setting off a social media frenzy.

Taylor Swift NFL fans rejoiced Sunday night when she was shown on the video board at Allegiant Stadium

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Chiefs Travis Kelce belts out 'Viva Las Vegas' with Taylor Swift after Super Bowl win

Travis Kelce scored in the second half to help the Kansas City Chiefs win. Super Bowl LVIII 25-22 in overtime against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night.

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The San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl drought will reach 30 years as Kyle Shanahan loses another double-digit lead.

San Francisco 49ers Became the first team to win five Super Bowls when it won the Lombardi Trophy on January 29, 1995.

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Chiefs McCall Hardman admits he 'blacked out' during touchdown to win Super Bowl LVIII

Talk about a season coming full circle. Kansas City Chiefs Wide receiver McCall Hardman. Hardman, who spent his first four NFL seasons with the Chiefs

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Kyle Juszczyk of the 49ers rocked the wifey design in epic fashion.

Kyle Juszczyk might have the best pregame outfit. Super Bowl on Sunday. gave San Francisco 49ers The fullback entered the stadium wearing a custom jacket representing his teammates

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Eli Manning Says Nephew Ark Shouldn't Transfer Out of Texas: 'That's Where He Wants To Play Football'

This may be the easy way out for him. Arch Manning is to be transferred out of Texas.But his uncle thinks it's not a big deal.

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Drake makes $1.15M Taylor Swift-inspired Super Bowl bet

Recently, she posted a picture of herself. Shohei Ohtani Jersey when the two-way MLB superstar was rumored to be heading to Drake's hometown of Toronto to meet with the Blue Jays.

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Aidan Hutchinson says Dan Campbell made bold pledge after playoff exit: 'We're going to the Super Bowl next year'

Detroit Lines Head coach Dan Campbell is known as one of the most passionate coaches in the NFL. His leadership has helped turn the Lions around.

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Super Bowl LVIII: Chad Johnson says he'll give up sex, marriage and McDonald's if the Chiefs lose.

The six-time Pro Bowler says the chances are zero. Kansas City Chiefs Lose, and he's apparently planting a lot. When asked by Bleacher Report Betting what he would be willing to bet on the Chiefs, his first response was hilarious.