British Secretary of State for Defense Grant Shepps expressed regret. The critical state of the international security landscape In what could be a defining year for the world, more voters are heading to the polls than ever before.

“I just think we need to wake up to the dangers that exist,” Scheps said. “So, we’re living in a post-Cold War era in which we’ve reaped the benefits of peace. Right. But you can’t continue to reap the same peace gains that you’ve had at the same time. A very aggressive Russia at the moment, you see what Iran is doing and how it is increasing tensions in the Middle East.

“You have one. North Korea is extremely aggressive with nuclear weapons.“He added. “When China is watching all this, what happens to see how the West reacts? So, it seems clear to me that we need to make sure that we don’t continue to try to achieve peace dividends that no longer exist.”

British Schepps, in his first major speech as defense secretary, warned that the world could see a confrontation between the West and rivals including China, Russia, North Korea and Iran in the next five years, as tensions rise in various regions, particularly And most recently the Middle East

British defense chief warns of possible war with rivals China, Russia, Iran within 5 years: ‘Inflection Point’

Defense Minister Grant Shepps

Secretary of State for Defense Grant Shepps arrives at Downing Street to attend the weekly cabinet meeting in London on January 16, 2024. (Victor Szymanowicz/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

But Schepps noted that the state of the world remains in flux as more voters turn out than ever before. A rare alignment of elections In dozens of major countries including USA, UK, Russia, EU, India, Mexico, Pakistan and many others.

Taiwan began the election year with a Third consecutive term in history for the ruling British Democratic Progressive Party, defeating the Kuomintang Party, China’s implicit party. The tremors began a year ago with the defeat of Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, who would have become prime minister if he succeeded in forming a cabinet.

“It’s obviously important that we make sure that the world system in which billions of people get a really good vote this year, 2024, 2 billion people will go and vote in terms of the largest democracy in history. year,” Scheps said in a statement. Interview before the US launches retaliatory airstrikes in the Middle East.

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Israeli army in Gaza

Israel’s military says this photo shows its troops operating inside the Gaza Strip on November 5. (Israel Defense Forces via AP) British ministeries

The ability of the majority of major players to reshape the political balance on the international scene will determine the direction of many issues, British including support for Ukraine in the third year of Russia’s invasion. China’s territorial aggression And, most pressingly, the rise in violence in the Middle East.

British Air strikes on Iranian targets began. Syria and Iraq after an attack in Jordan that killed three American soldiers. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin revealed that the strikes hit 85 targets in six locations in the first wave.

In his interview ,British  Shepps expressed his condolences for the American deaths and stressed that the UK wants to see “restraint” and a de-escalation from Iran. He referred Constant attacks on merchant ships Attacks against US troops and assets in the Red Sea continue to be supported by Tehran as unacceptable actions.

The oil tanker caught fire.

In this photo provided by the Indian Navy on January 27, 2024, the oil tanker Marlin Luanda catches fire after an attack in the Gulf of Aden. (Indian Navy via AP)

“You can’t go about violating international waterways, freedom of navigation, and we call on Iran to step up there, but also with these militant groups,” Schepps said of his position. It follows ongoing joint statements between Washington, London and their allies. .

“It is not in anyone’s interest to see this escalate into a regional conflict. So of course we are asking everyone to exercise restraint.

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“I want to see the Lebanese Hezbollah stopped,” he added. “I want to see that. Iran-backed militant groups Stop, and, above all, we want to see an end to the conflict in Israel and Gaza as well, for which we need preconditions such as the release of the hostages.”

Taiwan 2024 presidential election

People cast their votes in the presidential election at a polling station in Tainan, southern Taiwan on January 13, 2024. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Shepps reiterated the British position on seeking a two-state solution, which would require the recognition of a Palestinian state. The Biden administration has reportedly begun a search. As the president plans for the aftermath of the conflict.

“We’re going to recognize a Palestinian state, and that requires security guarantees from Israel as well, so that should be the last state,” Scheps explained.

Mikola Oleschuk

Ukraine’s Air Force Commander, Mykola Oleshchuk, speaks during the funeral ceremony for Ukrainian Armed Forces pilot Andriy Pilshchikov in Kiev, Ukraine. (Dmytro Larin/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images)

“I don’t think we can jump to that conclusion,” he cautioned. “We’ve got to see a lot of things happen. First, there’s going to be a large number of agreements. That’s where we want to get to. … Of course, that being said, it’s very difficult to do, but a good start is with these hostages. will be released and behind it a lasting ceasefire.”

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Shops highlighted 2024 as an important year not only for the upcoming elections but also for the critical nature of conflicts such as Defense of Ukraine against Russia. He suspected Russian President Vladimir Putin was aiming to play the “long game” and wait for the West, hoping it would “get bored.”

“Are we going to turn away? Maybe because of what’s going on in the Middle East … maybe just because he thinks we don’t have the stomach to support Ukraine until the end. So, I think “2024 is a really important year,” he said. .

Xi Jinping and Putin toast during dinner.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping toast during their dinner at the Palace of the Facades in Moscow on March 21. (Pavel Birkin/Sputnik/Kremlin Pool Photo/AP)

“We basically have to make a conscious decision. Are we ready for Ukraine to have full sovereignty over the whole of Ukraine … or are we just going to say it’s OK for a democratic neighbor to have China and others Read everything for attack. Will consider it,” he reasoned.

“North Korea, Iran and the situation we’re seeing in the Middle East right now … China will draw its own conclusions when they think about Taiwan and other places,” Schepps stressed. “We must wake up to the real danger that poses, not just to Russia or Putin, but to the entire world system.”

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