VIANA DEL MAR, Chile (AP) – The death toll from Wildfires that ravaged central Chile. Several days have risen to 131 on Tuesday, and more than 300 people are still missing as the fire appears to be burning itself out.

A fire is reported in Valparaiso. Chili It is the deadliest disaster since the 2010 earthquake.

122 killed, hundreds missing in central Chile forest fire

President Gabriel Bork announced during a visit to the region that furniture used for the 2023 Pan American Games would be donated to victims. He said the government would also waive the water bills of 9,200 affected houses.

The fire broke out Friday on the hilly eastern edge of Viña del Mar, a beach resort known for a festival that attracts the best in Latin music. Two other towns, Quilpé and Villa Alemana, were also severely damaged as the fire spread quickly in dry weather and strong winds.


A devastating forest fire broke out east of Viana del Mar in central Chile.

The Vienna Del Mar Festival canceled its opening gala as a sign of mourning. Many participating singers, including Alejandro Sanz, Pablo Albarn and Mana, sent messages of solidarity and announced donations.

Chili The U.S. Forensic Medical Service said many of the bodies recovered from the fire were in bad condition and difficult to identify, but forensic workers will take samples of genetic material from people reporting missing relatives.

“My parents and my sisters’ house burned, and my neighbors — people who knew me when I was little — died,” said Gabriel Leyva, 46, walking through the rubble in Viana del Mar. He said his neighbors “were family “of blood not of heart.”

The United Nations expressed its condolences and announced assistance in a statement. Meanwhile, Burke thanked US President Joe Biden in a tweet for his “significant support” following the disaster.

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