Israel says Hamas had a command tunnel under the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza.

The Israeli military revealed a network of tunnels under Gaza City that it says extends beneath the UN headquarters in the region on Sunday.

The IDF Foreign journalists were led through tunnels, entering through a shaft that pierced the surface next to a school. Israel maintains that the tunnels are further evidence that the UN mission in Gaza was compromised by Hamas terrorists.

“Everything is powered from here. All the energy for the tunnels, that you go through them, is powered from here,” an Israeli official told reporters during the tour. Told to “It’s one of the main intelligence commands. One of the intelligence units of Hamas, where they commanded most of the fighting.”

UNRWA denied knowledge. about the tunnels and said he had evacuated the headquarters on the surface on 12 October.

Amid accusations by the United Nations of an independent review of UNRWA, its staff joined the Hamas-led attack on Israel

The Israeli military on Sunday revealed a network of tunnels under Gaza City that extend beneath the UN headquarters in the region.

“UNRWA does not have the military and security expertise nor the ability to conduct military inspections of what is or may be on its premises,” the organization said in a statement.

Israel’s evacuation orders cover more than two-thirds of the Gaza Strip as the war with Hamas continues.

“In the past, whenever a suspected cavity was found near or under UNRWA premises, letters of protest were immediately lodged with the parties to the conflict, including the de facto authorities of Gaza and the Israeli authorities,” the statement continued.

The IDF escorted foreign journalists through tunnels, entering through a shaft that pierced the level next to a school.

Meanwhile, senior Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri argued that Israel’s claims of a link between UNRWA and the tunnels were false.

News of the tunnels comes in between. Israeli accusations that hundreds of UNRWA employees expressed support for or were involved in the 7 October massacre by Hamas in Israel.

IDF video reveals tunnel used to hide Hamas members, hostages taken in terror group’s stronghold

Several Western countries have halted funding for UNRWA, which provides overseas aid to the people of Gaza, amid the allegations.

News of the tunnel comes amid Israeli allegations that hundreds of UNRWA employees expressed support for or were involved in the October 7 massacre by Hamas in Israel.

Israeli Defense Minister Yves Gallant this weekend called UNRWA “a new face with Hamas.” He argued on Saturday that it was time for the world to end “UNRWA” and create an alternative mechanism to deliver aid to civilians in the war-torn Gaza Strip.

“I think the world needs to wake up and address this problem in a different way, while also meeting the needs of Gaza,” Gallant told Fox News Digital. “UNRWA is a terrorist group that receives salaries from many countries – countries that pay people who rape, kill and imprison people.”

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