Oh The British man was angry at his kitchen manner. An allegedly poorly remodeled home improvement store is protesting the work by parking a Cold War-era weapon in the parking lot – and refusing to move it.

“I plan to stay as long as I can for justice. I find it strange that the Vics can choose which pieces of law they will obey. The tank exists as a peaceful protest. Simple solution: give me back what they owe me and my out-of-pocket costs,” Paul Gibbons, 63, said of his protest against UK home improvement store chain Vicks.

Gibbons said his kitchen ordeal began in February last year, when Wicks installed a new kitchen in his Kingsclear home for £25,000, or about $31,700. He told British media that he looked for other home improvement stores and contractors before settling on Vicks to carry out the work.

Gibbons argued that he had been. Left with a nightmare kitchen Which has led to mold growing under her sink, drawers that won’t close, and a drawer that’s starting to fall on her dog.

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Paul Gibbons protesting with a tank.

Paul Gibbons outside a Vicks location in the UK where he is protesting his poorly refurbished kitchen. (SWNS)

“The finishes are all very poor, and half of the kitchen is not as fitted as it should be. I agreed to the contract and was told it would be two weeks of work, and 10 months later I still don’t have it. There’s one kitchen left. I can’t even use it like you,” he said in December, according to the Telegraph.

They said the store did not fix it. Allegedly poor kitchen, And he is “making a stand” by erecting a decommissioned 1963 Abbott self-propelled gun outside Vic’s venue in Basingstoke.

“The worst part about it is that Vicks refuses to admit that the quality of the kitchen is nowhere near the standard it should be,” he said late last year. “They should deal with these issues as they arise instead of removing people, and I’m just making a stand to say that’s not right.”

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Tank is protesting kitchen remodeling.

A self-propelled gun sits in a Vicks parking lot in the UK. (SWNS)

Gibbons said Borrowed a piece of cannon from his friend.who lent a car to people protesting at major stores and parked it outside the store on December 27. He is demanding his money back from the store.

“Warning Incompetent Kitchen Appliance Supplier,” reads a sign on the vehicle.

That month, Gibbons said a note was posted on the gun warning that it would be removed “within 14 days” by Jan. 23.

“This vehicle/item has been abandoned and/or does not have valid road tax and will be removed within 14 days of the issue of this notice,” the note said, SWNS reported.

“If this vehicle is not released, please contact us immediately at the number below and/or arrange for it to be removed from the site.”

Tanks on the parking lot

A Cold War-era self-driving car sits in the parking lot of a home improvement store in protest of what one homeowner says was a poorly installed kitchen. (SWNS)

If it isn’t removed, the vehicle will reportedly be “sold or destroyed.”

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Gibbons responded that he had no intention of moving the vehicle until he was refunded. He added that he plans to contact local police if the store tries to move or destroy the vehicle.

“I’m not looking for a lot of compensation, I just want to get back to where I was last year when this debacle started,” he said, according to SWNS.

A Wickes spokesperson previously told local outlets that they are aware of the vehicle and are working “to resolve the issue”.

“We are aware of the situation at the Basingstoke store and apologize for any inconvenience caused to shoppers visiting the store today,” the spokesperson said. “Our customer relations team is in contact with the customer to discuss their installation and help resolve the issue.”

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