A Las Vegas chapel is offering free weddings to couples named Taylor and Travis who want to tie the knot on Super Bowl Sunday, a nod to singer Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, the Kansas City Chiefs. Travis Kelcewho will be playing in the big game.

The Calais Chiefs are preparing to take on the San Francisco 49ers. Super Bowl LVIIIA rematch of Super Bowl LIV when the Chiefs won four years ago by a score of 31 to 20.

Chapel of the Flowers announced free weddings for couples named Taylor and Travis on Super Bowl Sunday.

“For those not eligible for a Super Bowl ring, how about a game day wedding with Las Vegas billing? If your name is Taylor and you want to marry your partner Travis after the big game. , so here’s your chance. to score a free Vegas wedding!” Chappell CEO Donnie Keristic said in a press release, according to People.

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Travis Kelce wraps his arm around Taylor Swift in NFL playoffs

A Las Vegas chapel is offering free weddings to Taylor and Travis, who are planning to tie the knot on Super Bowl Sunday. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Keristic also said that one lucky couple not named Taylor and Travis could win a free wedding.

“Maybe your name isn’t Travis or Taylor, but you’d still love to get married in the wedding capital of the world?” Krstic asked.

“We’re an equal opportunity chapel and we’d love to help you too! Upload a photo of you and your partner kissing under the married sign in Las Vegas, and tag @littlechapel on Instagram! We will provide a lucky. Couple with a free wedding ceremony, and a professional wedding planner will contact you to help with the details of making your dream wedding a reality.”

The deadline for couples named Taylor and Travis to apply for the free marriage will be Valentine’s Day, Keristic said.

“We realize you may not have time to take pictures right after the big game, so let’s extend the submission deadline to Valentine’s Day!” They said. “This should allow everyone to participate‚Ķeven if your name isn’t Travis or Taylor and you’d like to spend some time planning your perfect Vegas wedding!”

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Travis Kelce leans in to kiss Taylor Swift at a Kansas City Chiefs game.

One lucky couple not named Taylor and Travis can also win a free wedding. (Patrick Smith)

It came as Swift traveled to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl after performing in Tokyo, Japan less than 24 hours before kickoff. There were initial concerns about whether she would be able to make it in time for the game, but she landed in America on Saturday and appeared set to watch Kells play at the Allegiant Stadium.

Speaking to reporters last week before the big game, Kelce discussed what it’s been like to experience the extra media attention that comes with dating. 14-time Grammy-winning pop star.

“You asked me what it’s like. And to be honest, I’m learning it all,” he explained. “I’m just kind of on a plane ride, just cruising (and) trying to figure this thing out on the run.”

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