Argentina’s lower house unanimously approved. of the libertarian president Javier Meli After days of debate, the Melli”omnibus” reform bill cleared the floor for a vote on Friday, paving the way for a decisive vote in the Senate.

The controversial reform package was approved by 144 votes in favor and 109 against.

Lawmakers in the lower house will also vote on the legislation article by article, which is expected to begin on February 6, but general approval means it is now likely to go to the upper house in some form.

Argentina’s president faces 1-day general strike as foes seek to derail his austerity agenda

Over the past few days, flag-waving protesters opposing Miley’s reforms have repeatedly clashed with riot police stationed outside the green-domed Neoclassical. Congress building  sometimes throwing stones at them.

Javier Meli.

Then Argentine President-elect Javier Meli looks on during a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (AP Photo/Natacha Pasrenko)

The huge bill is a key plank of Miley’s reform plans for Argentina’s troubled economy, which has been plagued by over 200% inflation, a shortage of foreign currency reserves and debt repayments owned by creditors and investors. It’s a time bomb.

The reforms the bill makes range from economic policy to privatization of state institutions. They are a big part of Melli pressure to deal with it. South American The country’s worst economic crisis in decades, inflation over 200% and state coffers drying up.

The vote followed a long and heated debate in the lower house, in which deputies from the center-left Peronist opposition bloc Union pour la Patria announced their strong rejection of Miley’s policies, while supporters urged her to withdraw the bill. Don’t get in the way.

Melli La Libertad Avanza party holds only a handful of seats in the 257-seat chamber, but she still managed to garner enough support from like-minded allies, including the center-right Juntosspor El Cambio coalition to advance the bill. included for

Last week, Miley’s government removed some of the divisive spending reforms from the bill within the finance section in what proved to be a successful ploy to shore up her support.

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