RABAT, Morocco (AP) – Morocco It is planning to pass new laws and strengthen fines to protect the multibillion-dollar art market, which officials believe will continue to grow.

gave North African nationThe country’s chief prosecutor on Monday began a series of meetings with the country’s Ministry of Culture and the National Foundation of Museums to discuss ways and means to improve policing and detect fake paintings and artworks, including strict enforcement. Includes fines and better regulation of auction houses.

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“This issue is a real threat in this field,” said Morocco’s Minister of Youth, Culture and Communications Mehdi Ben Saeed. “Moroccan paintings are now exported abroad and it is important to clean up this business to combat counterfeiting.”

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The Moroccan government has announced new measures to tackle the growing crime of art forgery.

Officials put the country’s art market at about $2.5 million, and particularly famous paintings are becoming popular across the Middle East, particularly in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Through their efforts, Moroccan Among the list of countries that are moving fast for forgeries is the United States, where the FBI’s Art Crime Team has taken a more active role in pursuing forgeries like the painter Jean-Michel Basquiat in 2023.

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