For the second consecutive year, Kansas City Chiefs Delivered an epic Super Bowl victory. This time, the team needed overtime to get past the San Francisco 49ers for their second straight title.

Much of the world’s attention was focused on the teams that faced off in Las Vegas. Super Bowl LVIIIthere were a lot of people either watching the game and ads or just watching ads.

And with all the punts early in the game, there was plenty of time for commercials.

Read below for some of the best commercials on air.


The Cetaphil commercial appeared to be inspired by Taylor Swift, although the company did not mention the pop star. The ad showed a father watching football on a Sunday and trying to get his daughter to sit on the couch with him. As soon as she realizes that she admires someone she is excelling in sports, she becomes more interested.

His father buys him a number 13 jersey and starts wearing friendship bracelets that the “softies” wear to his concerts. Then both of them start watching the game together.


Tom Brady was in two commercials during the Super Bowl – one for Duncan and one for BetMGM with Vince Vaughn. In Duncan’s commercial, he stands behind Ben Affleck as the actor tries to wow his superstar wife Jennifer Lopez in the booth.

Affleck enters with his team, including Brady and Matt Damon, in Duncan’s suite and puts on a show for Lopez.

“We talked about it,” Lopez said.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats featured a mini “Friends” reunion on Sunday night. Jennifer Aniston instilled some wisdom in the commercial by telling one of the on-set assistants, “Well you know what they say, to remember something, you have to forget something else.”

Words of wisdom set off a chain reaction. David and Victoria Beckham forget that Victoria was in the Spice Girls. David Schwimmer says hello to Aniston for a mini “Friends” reunion, but then she forgets who he is.

Country music star Jelly Roll looks at her tattoos in the mirror and wonders if someone wrote on her face.

Bud Light

Surrounded by controversy over the summer, Bud Light came up with the “Bud Light Genie” for its Super Bowl ad. Who gave a handful of wishes to friends in commercials.

Peyton Manning and Post Malone appeared together.

Elf Cosmetics

“Judge Beauty” was in session during the Super Bowl when Judy Sheindlin held court. The ad featured the stars of the series “Suits”. Rick Hoffman and Gina Torres face off after Torres was accused of “using company funds for overpriced makeup.”

Sarah Rafferty appears as a stenographer, Meghan Trainor as an on-scene reporter and Emmanuel Acho as a bailiff.


Hoffman, Torres and the referee weren’t the only “Suits” stars to make their way into the commercials.

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams were among those who “auditioned” to become Magenta Status’ next spokespeople. The spot featured Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Hudson, Laura Dern and Common.


Hellmann’s Mayonnaise released its Super Bowl ad a few days ago.

The spot featured Kate McKinnon as she wondered what she was going to make with some of the items in her fridge. The cat on his counter appears to say “meow”, but McKinnon takes it as “meow”.

McKinnon and Billy then appear on morning shows around the country because he thinks Billy can talk. Mew Cat became so popular that it even caught the eye of comedian Pat Davidson.

Fan Devil

Rob Gronkowski Tried to overcome his field goal deficit from last year. FanDuel offered bettors a chance to see if he would redeem himself on his field goal attempt during the Super Bowl.

Gronkowski lined up for a field goal and missed once again.

The former NFL star reconnected with Carl Weathers after the miss and the company paid tribute to the late actor, who died just days before the full commercial aired.

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