“This law is necessary to defend our state and every soldier who is currently on the frontline,” Ukraine Defense Minister Rustam Umarov argued in favor of changing the legislation. “It needs to be approved as soon as possible.”

“Our team has already prepared a new version of the draft law, taking into account all the proposals agreed in the working order with members of parliament at the meetings of the committee on national security, defense and intelligence,” Omarov added. “.

An earlier draft of the bill did not receive full approval, leading to its withdrawal. Umarov said in a post on Facebook that the drafting of the bill took “half a year in a working group” with representatives from all factions of the government.

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“After the bill was introduced in parliament, we participated in debates and closed-door meetings, explaining the need for this debate,” Umarov said. “All warnings have been heard and taken into consideration.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is visiting Donetsk.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visits troops in the Donetsk region, in a photo released Tuesday, April 18, 2023, by the country’s Defense Ministry. (Ministry of Defense of Ukraine)

Umarov explained that the bill would allow Ukraine’s military to rotate forces, insisting that troops “need to be given a chance to rest” and calling the delay in the process “unacceptable.” .

‚ÄúThose who were warriors. Released from prison Choices must be made about staying in the military. Those who choose to stay will need at least a few months off. He wrote that it is fair. It’s appropriate.”

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One of the main points of contention in the draft bill would be to lower the draft age from a minimum of 27 to 25, as well as seek penalties for electronic call-ups and those who do not respond correctly to the draft call.

Ukrainian army opened fire on Russian soldiers.

Ukrainian artillery teams fire on Russian military positions in Bakhmut, Ukraine. (Madeleine Kelly/Sopa Images/Light Rocket via Getty Images)

The language of the new draft indicates that the limit on mobilization would be 36 months and includes exemptions for potential recruits from higher education or specialized fields.

Ukrainian Out in force At the beginning of the conflict, a large number of signatures kept the fighting force strong. Stories told how even old women had signed up for military training to fend off a Russian invasion.

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Going into the second year of the conflict, Kyiv His counter-attack escalated. for the spring and summer, but the effort failed to produce the expected results, leading many to question the future of the conflict and further funding for Ukraine without a clear end to the conflict. Plans were resisted.

Ukrainian soldiers ride a combat vehicle during the war.

Ukrainian soldiers ride on top of an armored fighting vehicle on Tuesday as Russia continues to attack Ukraine at an undisclosed location in eastern Ukraine. (Press Service of the Ground Forces of Ukraine/handout via REUTERS)

Ukrainians are starting to ask the same question as the government pushes to build up its forces: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed at his year-end conference that military officials are calling for 450,000 to 500,000 recruits. What’s up, NPR reported

Zielinski declined to support the order without more information, citing concerns over the heavy economic cost of mobilizing such recruitment efforts. The head of Ukraine’s armed forces, General Valery Zlozny, denied the request for a specific number days later but criticized the draft offices.

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