Five players and three fans were ejected from Thursday night’s game. Southern Miss And after a first-half brawl at Arkansas State in which players and coaches were brought to the ground and several punches were thrown.

The collision caused a 23-minute delay in the second quarter as officials determined which players would likely be ejected from the game.

Domonic Davis during a game for Southern Miss

Southern Miss Lady Eagles guard Domonic Davis, #2, during the college women’s basketball game between the Southern Miss Golden Eagles and the South Alabama Jaguars at the Mitchell Center in Mobile, Alabama. (Bobby McDuffie/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

When did the fight start? State of Arkansas Forward Emma Amuebore grabbed a defensive rebound in traffic and tangled with Domonic Davis. Imevbore was seen pushing Davis to the floor and then throwing several punches at Berkela Gray in front of the South Miss bench.

Southern Miss forward Asjah Lek, who was on the bench at the time, appeared to jump in with several other players and dragged Amu Bor to the floor by her neck.

Southern Miss assistant coach Jessica Barber was caught in the middle of the fight and was apparently trapped under the pileup.

“It could have gotten ugly — it’s gotten ugly,” said an ESPN broadcaster.

As the fight was winding down, several fans came down from the stands and joined in.

College basketball fan storms court alone after team snaps record in 27-game losing streak

“I can’t really comment because I have to follow up. Conference Guidelines I just think it’s very, very, very unfortunate. And I believe that every event in your life you learn. You may not like the results, but you’re going to learn from them,” Southern Miss head coach Joey Lee McNelis said after the game.

Southern Miss coach Joy Lee McNeils on the sidelines

Southern Miss head women’s basketball coach Joy Lee McNeils during the women’s basketball game against UTEP on Saturday, February 19, 2022 at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas. (IMAGN)

“And I think that — which we’re not sure we should have done — it won’t happen again, it won’t happen again. We have to realize that whatever decision we make, wherever we are in life, Will determine. The future – whether it’s tomorrow, the next day, whenever.”

Southern Miss Isja Lake, Lani Cornfield, Domonique Davis and Brickella Gray were all ejected from the game. Imevbore and three fans were also thrown.

Despite losing three starters, Southern Miss defeated Arkansas State 57-48.

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